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Title Publication Date Fillable
Emergency Telephone Users (911) Surcharge and Prepaid 911 Surcharge Pub 39A 10/17  
Collection Procedures Pub 54 08/17  
Collection Procedures (Spanish) Pub 54-S 08/17  
Behind on Your Payment? What You Need to Know Pub 54A 07/17  
How to Inspect and Correct Your Records Pub 58A 08/17  
How to Inspect and Correct Your Records (Spanish) Pub 58A-S 08/17  
Cigarette Distributor Licensing and Tax Stamp Guide Pub 63 08/17  
Your California Seller's Permit Pub 73 10/17  
Closing Out Your Account Pub 74 11/17  
Sales of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products in California Pub 78 09/17  
Underground Storage Tank Fee Pub 88 10/17  
Environmental Fee Pub 90 10/17  
California Tire Fee Pub 91 11/17  
Cigarette and Tobacco Products Taxes Pub 93 10/17  
Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee Pub 94 11/17  
Electronic Waste Recycling Fee Pub 95 10/17  
Sales for Resale Pub 103 09/17  
District Taxes and Delivered Sales Pub 105 09/17  
Do You Need a California Seller's Permit? Pub 107 09/17  
California Use Tax Basics Pub 110 09/17  
Appeals Glossary of Terms Pub 142B 09/17  
Sales to American Indians and Sales in Indian Country Pub 146 10/17  
Cigarette and Tobacco Product Inspections Pub 152 09/17  
Criminal Citations Include a Civil Administrative Process Pub 161 08/17  
Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program Pub 164 08/17  
Statewide Compliance and Outreach Program Pub 165 07/17  
Operating Without a Valid Seller's Permit-Criminal Citation Pub 166 10/17  
Tax Appeals Assistance Program Pub 215 08/17  
Hit the Wall trying to solve Your Tax Problem? Pub 231 08/17  
Tax Help for the Restaurant Industry Pub 281G 10/17  
Tax Information Bulletin Pub 388 09/17  
Master Settlement Agreement Pub 407 08/17  
Flavored Cigarettes Banned in the United States Pub 429 08/17  
Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retailers: Things to Know Before You Buy Products Pub 473 09/17  
Tax Help for the Cannabis Industry Pub 557 10/17  

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