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The TRaCE Task Force investigates crimes affecting multiple agencies. You can report criminal tax evasion, piracy, counterfeiting, human trafficking and other crimes by clicking on the "Report a Crime Online" button below or you can complete a printed complaint form (click on "Report a Crime by Mail") and mail it to the address shown on the form. You can also report a crime by calling 1-855-234-9949 if you prefer to talk to a live person.

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If you would like to report a crime directly to only one of the partner agencies listed below, simply click on the agency's name to be directed to that department.

Partner Agencies

Did You Know?

An estimated $8.5 billion in owed corporate, personal income, and sales and use taxes goes uncollected in California each year.

  • CDTFA – California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
  • DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles
  • DOJ – Department of Justice
  • EDD – Employment Development Department
  • FTB – Franchise Tax Board
  • HSI – Homeland Security Investigations
  • IRS – Internal Revenue Service

By reporting these illegal activities you help promote a unified front in reducing the underground economy that places an unfair burden on you and honest California businesses. Don't be a victim, report the crime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of information is helpful to include when reporting a crime?

Please include the following details about the person or business if available:

  • Individual/business name
  • Individual/business address
  • Marital status
  • Spouse's or registered domestic partner's name
  • Alleged criminal violation(s)
  • How you became aware of the alleged violation
  • Availability of supporting documents
  • Location of assets (cash, vehicles, property) involved in the crime
  • Banking or financial Information related to the crime
  • Your contact information (optional)

Can the person I am reporting find out my identity?

No. We treat any information you provide as confidential unless compelled by law to do otherwise.

After I provide information to TRaCE, can I receive updates on the investigation?

No. Privacy and disclosure laws prohibit TRaCE from sharing information whether action is taken or not.

If TRaCE uses the information for tax recovery, will I receive a reward?

No. TRaCE does not offer rewards for informant information.

How do I know if you received my online referral report?

If your online submission is successful, you will receive a reference number. Please keep the number or print the confirmation page as you will need to refer to this number if you want to provide additional information or documents any time after your original report was submitted.

Will I be able to view or print the information that I have submitted online?

Yes, you can view or print a PDF of the information submitted; however, Adobe Reader is required. Download the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

Where do I send supporting documents?

You can attach documents, files or pictures by selecting the browser button on the online form. You can also mail the information to TRaCE, P.O. Box 942879, MIC: 100, Sacramento, CA 95814-0100. Please include your reference number with the documentation.

Can I report a crime and remain anonymous?

Yes. The TRaCE Task Force will investigate all complaints, whether anonymous or not.

What happens to the information that I provide?

Any information that you provide will be evaluated, and if it is not within TRaCE's jurisdiction, it may be shared with the appropriate local, state, or federal agency.