Reporting a Crime Online


If available, please have the following information about the individual or business before you begin your online report:

  • Name of person(s) and/or business suspected of crime
  • Suspect's spouse's or registered domestic partner's name
  • Address of person and/or business
  • Description of alleged crime being committed (who, what, where, when, why and how)
  • Supporting documents, pictures or videos
  • Asset information of the suspect (banking information and dollars associated with the crime being committed)
  • Name and contact information of any other agency to which you have already provided this information

Required Fields

  • An asterisk (*) indicates an entry is required.
  • It is recommended you have any information available about the individual or business ready before you begin the online report.

Time Limit

  • There is no time limit to complete the Report a Crime page.

Saving Your Report

  • You cannot save your report or exit and return to a previous report.
  • Your report will not be transmitted unless you click the "Submit" button.


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