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Business Taxes Law Guide—Revision 2024

Marine Invasive Species Fee Collection Law

Public Resources Code

Division 36. Marine Invasive Species Act

Chapter 2. Ballast Water Management Requirements

Section 71206

71206. Samples, information, and availability of records. (a) The commission, in coordination with the United States Coast Guard, shall take samples of ballast water, sediment, and biofouling from and inspect at least 25 percent of the arriving vessels subject to this division, examine documents, and make other appropriate inquiries to assess the compliance of any vessel subject to this division. The commission shall provide to the board copies of all sampling results.

(b) The master, owner, operator, or person in charge of a vessel subject to this division shall make available to the commission, upon request of that commission, the records required by to be maintained by the division.

(c) The commission in coordination with the United States Coast Guard, shall compile the information obtained from submitted reports. The information shall be used, in conjunction with existing information relating to the number of vessel arrivals, to assess vessel reporting rates and compliance with the requirements of this division.