OIC Pre-qualifier Tool Introduction

An offer in compromise (OIC) is a proposal to pay CDTFA an amount that is less than the full tax or fee liability due. If you make an offer and we accept it, you will no longer be liable for the full amount due and we will release any related tax liens as provided by the terms and conditions relative to your offer. The OIC pre-qualifier tool is available to see if you may be eligible for an OIC and will assist in recommending an offer amount. However, we make our final decision based on your completed OIC application and our associated investigation. This tool should only be used as a guide. Your final offer amount may be higher or lower than what is calculated by the pre-qualifier tool as we consider many factors including health, age, and future earnings potential. Although it may show you can pay your liability in full, you may still file an OIC and discuss your individual financial situation with CDTFA.