Online Filing for Alcoholic Beverage Tax

Alcoholic Beverage Tax Online Filing

We have developed Excel templates for several alcoholic beverage tax forms. For instructions on completing alcoholic beverage tax returns, supplemental schedules, and reports, please refer to our Online Filing Instructions web page.

If you receive an error message when opening your template using our Online Services system, you may click Yes to open or switch your internet browser to Google Chrome and avoid this error message.

Online Filing – Downloadable Excel Templates

  • The applicable Excel templates are available when you log in to file your return or report online.
  • Download the applicable Excel template(s) when you log in to file your return or report online.
  • Read the Template Instructions tab before completing the supplemental schedule or report.
  • Save the Excel file to your computer once you complete it. We recommend saving the file to your desktop or designated file/folder. If you are using an Apple computer, you will need to save the file in Numbers then Export To an Excel file.
  • Go back to the Online Services Initial Questions screen and click the Upload Schedule or the Upload Report button to bring up the dialog box.
  • Click the Choose File button in the dialog box to find the saved file on your desktop or designated file/folder.
  • Click the Upload button in the dialog box to populate your template entries.
  • Check out our online services webpage and select the Tutorials tab to view our “How To” videos.

This functionality may not be available for Apple products. If you are unable to upload your workbook, you can manually complete your schedule/report in your online return and submit your completed return by the required due date.

Online Filing – Downloadable Excel Templates
Type of Filer Alcoholic Beverage Tax Form Title Alcoholic Beverage Schedule/Report Form Excel Template
Alcohol Beverage Common Carrier N/A CDTFA-217, Common Carrier's Report of Delivery CDTFA-217-Template
Distilled Spirits Manufacturer/Importer Distilled Spirits Tax Return Schedule 240-A, Distilled Spirits Received From Own Bottling Department CDTFA-240-DS-Template
Schedule 241-A, Distilled Spirits Purchased or Received from Other Licensed Distilled Spirits Manufacturers/Importers in California CDTFA-240-DS-Template
Schedule 242-A, Distilled Spirits Imported into California CDTFA-240-DS-Template
CDTFA-243-B, Claim for Distilled Spirits Excise Tax Exemption on Sale or Delivery to Other Licensed Distilled Spirits Manufacturers/Importers in California CDTFA-240-DS-Template
CDTFA-244-B, Claim for Excise Tax Exemption on Distilled Spirits Exported or Sold to Common Carriers and/or Armed Forces Instrumentalities CDTFA-240-DS-Template
Beer Manufacturer Beer Manufacturer Tax Return CDTFA-269-BM Beer Imported into California CDTFA-269-BM-Template
Beer and Wine Importer Beer & Wine Importer Tax Return CDTFA-269-BW Beer and Wine Imported into California CDTFA-269-BW-Template
Winegrower, Wine Direct Shipper, and Wine Blender Winegrower Tax Return CDTFA-269-WG Wine Imported into California CDTFA-269-WG-Template
Beer Vendor N/A CDTFA-1056 Vendor's Report of Beer Shipments into California CDTFA-1056-v2-Template
Alcoholic Beverage Customs Broker N/A CDTFA-1096 Customs Broker's Report of Transactions CDTFA-1096-Template
Public Warehouse License Holder N/A CDTFA-506-PW Public Warehouse Distilled Spirits Inventory Report CDTFA-506-PW Template


  1. For reporting periods November 2020 and after.