Resources for Tax Practitioners

Other Helpful Resources

  • CDTFA Public Resources — Annotations, Legal Opinions, Policy Guidelines, and Manuals for all CDTFA Tax Programs
  • Business and Property Taxes Law Guides — The Business Taxes Law Guide and Property Taxes Law Guides compile the statutes, regulations, court opinions, and CDTFA decisions (known as memorandum opinions) that govern the various tax and fee programs the CDTFA administers.
  • Use Tax – What You Should Know — Helpful information and videos about use tax.
  • Sign Up for CDTFA Updates — Subscribe to our email lists and receive the latest news, newsletters, tax and fee updates, public meeting agendas, and other announcements.
  • Videos and How-To Guides — These resources will help you avoid common mistakes, electronically file your tax returns, and more.
  • Classes and Seminars — Enroll in our in-person seminars and workshops or take our online seminars.
  • City and County Tax Rates — A listing of current and historical tax rates.
  • Special Notices — CDTFA special notices are issued whenever there is a change in law, tax rates, or CDTFA procedures.
  • CDTFA Online Services — Learn about the online services CDTFA offers.
  • Verify a Permit or License — You can use this application to verify a seller's permit, Cigarette and Tobacco product retailer license, eWaste account, or Underground Storage Tank Maintenance Fee Account.
  • CDTFA Offices — A comprehensive listing of all CDTFA offices and contact information.
  • Get It In Writing! — The Sales and Use Tax Law can be complex, and you are encouraged to put your tax questions in writing.
  • Contact Us — A listing of CDTFA contacts for your questions and concerns.
  • Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Guides — IRS guides that provide insight to issues unique to specific industries.
  • Local and District Tax Guide for Retailers – A tax guide for retailers to learn more about how to properly collect, report, and pay local and district taxes.

Federal and State Income Tax Resources