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Business Taxes Law Guide—Revision 2024

Hazardous Waste Fee

Health and Safety Code

Division 20. Miscellaneous Health and Safety Provisions

Chapter 6.5. Hazardous Waste Control (View entire chapter)

Article 1. Findings and Declarations

Article 2. Definitions

Article 4. Listings

Article 4.5. State Regulation of Existing Hazardous Waste Facilities

Article 5. Standards

Article 5.5. Coordination with Federal Acts

Article 6. Transportation

Article 6.5. Hazardous Waste Haulers

Article 7. Treatment, Recycling, and Disposal Technology

Article 8. Enforcement

Article 9. Permitting of Facilities

Article 9.1. Facilities and Generator Fees

Article 9.4. Banned, Unregistered, or Outdated Agricultural Wastes

Article 9.6. Land Treatment Units

Article 10.8. Household Hazardous Waste and Small Quantity Generator Waste

Article 13. Management of Used Oil