Organization Directory

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450 N Street, Room 2322, MIC:104
Sacramento, CA 95814

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Nicolas Maduros, Director 1-916-309-8300
FAX 1-916-323-9815

Reporting to the Director

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Chief Deputy Director
Vacant, Chief Deputy Director 1-916-309-8300
FAX 1-916-323-9815
Senior Policy Advisor
Vacant, Senior Policy Advisor 1-916-309-8300
FAX 1-916-323-9815
Chief Counsel
Robert Tucker, Chief Counsel 1-916-309-8307
FAX 1-916-322-0341
Deputy Directors
Administration Division
Sharon Louie, Deputy Director
FAX 1-916-324-5577
Financial Management Division
Jason G. Mallet, Chief Financial Officer
Business Tax and Fee Division
Susanne Buehler, Deputy Director
FAX 1-916-322-7175
Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs Division
Stacie Spector, Deputy Director
FAX 1-916-323-9191
Field Operations Division
Wayne Mashihara, Deputy Director
Technology Services Division
Scott Capulong, Chief Information Officer

Diversity and Inclusion Office

450 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Room 2334, MIC:51

Contact Phone/Fax Email
General Information 1-916-322-7639
FAX 1-916-445-2376
Litiana Patino, Manager 1-916-309-8421

Internal Audit Bureau

450 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Room 1723, MIC:54

Contact Phone/Fax Email
General Information 1-916-324-1874
FAX 1-916-322-5610
Sara Sheikholislam, Chief 1-916-445-0360  

Legislation Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
General Information 1-916-445-5742
FAX 1-916-445-1813
Michele Linton, Chief 1-916-322-2376

Taxpayers' Rights Advocate Office

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Bill Hain, Chief 1-916-324-2796
General Information
Tax Appeals Assistance Program (TAAP)
General Information

450 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Room 612, MIC:26

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception 1-916-309-1800
FAX 1-916-327-3483
Scott Capulong, Chief Information Officer 1-916-309-1777  
Information Security Officer
Jamshid (JK) Khazaeepoul, Information Security Officer 1-916-309-1853  
Centralized Revenue Opportunity System (CROS)
Valerie Williams, CROS Project Director 1-916-309-5525  

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Sharon Louie, Deputy Director 1-916-322-9725
FAX 1-916-324-5577

Business Management Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Doris Brengettsey, Chief 1-916-445-3498
FAX 1-916-322-7082
Reception Office
General Line 1-916-445-6464
FAX 1-916-445-1990

Physical Security Branch

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Vacant, Manager 1-916-323-4698
FAX 1-916-324-2065
Badging/ID Cards/Fingerprinting Appointments 1-916-324-2061

Facilities Management Branch

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Vacant, Assistant Chief 1-916-445-1148
FAX 1-916-324-2065
HQ Facilities & Support Services Section
Thomas Arnold, Manager 1-916-323-6348
FAX 1-916-324-2065
Support Services Unit
HQ Parking & Fleet Vehicles 1-916-322-5105  
Reception Office
General Line 1-916-445-6464
FAX 1-916-445-1990
Facility Services Unit
General Information 1-916-323-9188  
Marissa Kubo-Fernandez, Manager 1-916-324-9522
FAX 1-916-324-2065
Space and Lease Management Section
Peter Villanueva, Manager 1-916-321-4609
FAX 1-916-445-2027
Design and Construction Management Unit
General Information 1-916-327-0063  
Kier Johnson, Manager 1-916-322-2133
FAX 1-916-445-2027
Lease and Facilities Management Unit
Kim Pham, Manager 1-916-324-2004  
Acquisitions Branch
Suzan Bills, Branch Manager 1-916-322-4669
FAX 1-916-322-3184
Contracts Section
Nga Pham, Manager 1-916-445-3814
FAX 1-916-322-3184
Procurement Section
Lina Lopez, Manager 1-916-324-1894
FAX 1-916-324-3184

Human Resources Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception Desk
Reception Pay, Benefits, and General Information 1-916-324-0634
FAX 1-916-445-1722
Chief's Office
Kathleen (Kat) Chaussee, Chief 1-916-309-0101
FAX 1-916-322-3866
Labor Relations Office
Mame Polito, Labor Relations Officer 1-916-309-0106
FAX 1-916-322-7010
Employee Services Branch
Suzanne Larsen, Personnel Officer 1-916-309-0133
FAX 1-916-445-1722
Elysa Medrano, Transactions Supervisor 1-916-309-0152
FAX 1-916-445-1722
Brooke Bonner, Transactions Supervisor 1-916-309-0153
FAX 1-916-445-1722
Employment and Exam Information Webpage
Human Resources Management Branch
Peggy Johnson, Branch Chief 1-916-309-0109
FAX 1-916-323-8717

Contact Phone/Fax Email
General Information 1-916-445-3811
FAX 1-916-323-9634
Jason G. Mallet, Chief Financial Officer 1-916-309-1338

Accounting and Budgeting Branch

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Ester Cabrera-Diaz, Controller 1-916-309-1250

Accounting Branch

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception 1-916-309-1288
FAX 1-916-445-2884
Tamara Baker, Chief Accounting Officer 1-916-309-1357
Accounting Analysis Section
David Healey, Manager 1-916-309-1329
Revenue Section
Lily Chan, Manager 1-916-309-1256
Natsayi Mugobogobo, Manager 1-916-309-1257
Accounting Services Section
Andy Luu, Manager 1-916-309-1324
Travel Services Unit
Joanne Tran, Supervisor 1-916-309-1325
Employee Services Unit
Vacant, Manager    
General Fund and Vendor Services Unit
Vacant, Supervisor    

Budgeting Branch

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception 1-916-309-1336
FAX 1-916-323-9634
Shryl Thomas, Budget Officer 1-916-309-1251
Budget Change Section
Kristine Escarda, Manager 1-916-309-1253
Budget Operations Section
Vacant, Manager    

Financial Operations Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Steven Mercer, Chief 1-916-309-1339

Local Revenue Branch

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Karen Hughes, Branch Supervisor 1-916-309-5810
Jurisdiction Services & Revenue Verification - Local
Vacant, Supervisor    
Return Processing and Allocation
Jim Schwartzenberger, Supervisor 1-916-309-5880
Return Processing, Revenue and Allocation
Sarah Harmony, Supervisor 1-916-309-5813
Revenue and Verification
Carolyn Insalaco, Supervisor 1-916-309-5833
Cathy Stocker, Supervisor 1-916-309-5843

Research and Statistics Section

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception 1-916-445-0840  
Gentian Droboniku, Section Manager 1-916-323-2005

Tax Revenue Branch

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception 1-916-322-3433
FAX 1-916-323-9634
Jason Wenceslao, Chief 1-916-309-1337
Catherine Cobb, Manager 1-916-323-6389

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Stacie Spector, Deputy Director 1-916-445-1859
FAX 1-916-323-9191

Office of Public Affairs

Contact Phone/Fax Email
General Information 1-916-327-8988
FAX 1-916-323-9191

Customer Service Center

160 Promenade Circle
Sacramento, CA 95834

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Thor Dunn, Chief 1-916-274-3663  
Customer Service Center
Reception 1-916-274-3600
FAX 1-916-928-6241
Public Numbers
800 Number Assistance 1-800-400-7115  
Permit Number Verification 1-888-225-5263  
Tax Evasion Hotline 1-888-334-3300  
Tax Practitioner Hotline 1-800-401-3661  

Productions Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Vacant, Manager    
Editorial Services Section
Stephany Jordan, Manager 1-916-322-6323  
Forms & Publications Section
Annette Zurawski, Manager 1-916-322-6352  
Document Management Unit
Adam Neighbours, Manager 1-916-324-2372  
Veronica Valadez, Print Coordinator 1-916-323-9627  
Media Production Section
Gottfried Mittermayr, Manager
621 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814
Room 2050, MIC: 06
FAX 1-916-327-5859
Print & Distribution Services Section
Michael Reeves, Manager 1-916-323-9426  

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Susanne Buehler, Deputy Director 1-916-309-5200
FAX 1-916-322-7175

Program and Compliance Bureau (directs the activities of the Compliance Branch, the Return Processing Branch, and the Timber Tax Section)

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception/General Information 1-916-309-0379
FAX 1-916-323-3204
James Dahlen, Chief 1-916-309-8250
Compliance Branch (registration, licensing and collections of 25+ special tax and fee programs)
Brian Kimsey, Administrator 1-916-309-0401
Return Processing Branch (return processing of 25+ special taxes and fee programs)
Joy Gonzales-Cabatic, Administrator 1-916-319-9520
Timber Tax Section (determines the harvest values of timber and timberland production zone values)
Mike Doyich, Senior Forest Property Appraiser 916-321-5185

Audit and Carrier Bureau (directs the activities of the Appeals and Data Analysis Branch, the Audit Examination Branch, and the Motor Carrier Office)

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception/General Information 1-916-324-2380  
Hal Lovell, Chief 1-916-309-8251
Appeals and Data Analysis Branch (processes petitions and claims for refund for special tax and fee accounts; resolves fuel tax reporting discrepancies)
Reception/General Information 1-916-309-0284  
Mercy Milan, Administrator 1-916-309-0320
Audit Examination Branch (conducts audits and examinations of special tax and fee accounts)
Reception/General Information 1-916-309-0352  
VACANT, Administrator 1-916-324-2301  
Motor Carrier Office (provides comprehensive audit, compliance, and collection services for interstate motor carriers and certain diesel and alternative fuel accounts)
West Sacramento
1030 Riverside Parkway, Suite 125
West Sacramento, CA 95605
Reception/General Information 1-916-373-3030  
Tim Ford, Administrator 1-916-373-3078

Tax Policy Bureau (directs the activities of the Program Administration Branch, the Business Taxes Committee and Training Section, the Compliance and Technology Section, the Audit and Information Section, and the Data Analysis Section)

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Trista Gonzalez, Chief 1-916-309-5202
FAX 1-916-322-4530
Program Administration Branch (special tax and fee program implementation and maintenance)
Reception/General Information 1-916-309-0379
FAX 1-916-324-2554
Lisa Sherrod, Administrator 1-916-309-0390
Business Taxes Committee and Training Section (coordinates regulatory, policy manual, and training material changes and conducts tax and fee training)
Reception 1-916-309-5398
FAX 1-916-322-2958
Kirsten Stark, Section Supervisor 1-916-309-5218
Compliance and Technology Section (compliance policy & procedure development and online services management)
Reception 1-916-309-5399
FAX 1-916-322-4530
Chris Davis, Administrator 1-916-309-5311
Audit and Information Section (audit policy & procedure development and taxpayer advisory services)
Reception 1-916-309-5223
FAX 1-916-322-0187
VACANT, Section Supervisor 1-916-309-5224  
Data Analysis Section (centralized data source for reports, audit selection, data and trend analysis)
Aimee Olhiser, Section Supervisor 1-916-309-5208

Headquarters Operations Bureau (directs the activities of the Petitions Section, the Audit Determination and Refund Section, the Consumer Use Tax Section, and the Return Analysis and Allocation Section)

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Jason Parker, Chief 1-916-309-5201
FAX 1-916-322-7175
Petitions Section (coordinates and processes sales and use tax appeals and adjust department assessed liabilities)
Reception 1-916-445-2259
FAX 1-916-324-0678
Thomas Hopkins, Section Supervisor 1-916-309-5076  
Audit Determination and Refund Section (process refunds for sales and use tax, lumber assessment, mobile telephone service, gasoline and diesel sales)
Reception 1-916-445-1316
FAX 1-916-445-2249
Eddy Iyoha, Section Supervisor 1-916-309-5033  
Consumer Use Tax Section (oversees use tax related to private party transactions of vehicles, vessels, aircraft, and mobile homes)
General Information 1-916-445-9524
FAX 1-916-324-2491
Jennifer Miller, Section Supervisor 1-916-309-8288  
Return Analysis and Allocation Section (performs the analysis, adjustment, and maintenance on sales and use tax returns; performs electronic payment maintenance, issue billings, and process relief requests)
General Information 1-916-445-7732  
Dario Romano, Administrator 1-916-309-0450
FAX 1-916-323-0478

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Wayne Mashihara, Deputy Director 1-562-356-5623 (Cerritos) or
1-916-309-8222 (Sacramento)
Mike Skikos, Assistant Deputy Director-Audit 1-916-309-8203
Robert O. Colivas, Assistant Deputy Director-Compliance 1-916-309-8201
Harry Lucho, Assistant Chief 1-916-309-8204

Use Tax Collections Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Reception 1-916-309-8150
FAX 1-916-322-7288
Eva Delgado, Administrator 1-916-309-8190
Interstate Commerce Analysis Team:
Victoria Garcia, Audit/Compliance Principal 1-951-289-3021
In-State Service Group:
Brian Coty, Compliance Principal 1-916-309-8227
US Customs, Consumer Use Tax, & Compliance Teams:
Gilbert Miranda, Compliance Principal 1-916-309-8151

Computer Audit Specialist Section (audit support with complex electronic data and statistical sampling issues)

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Marc Arniotes, Section Supervisor 1-917-319-7148

Investigations Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Vacant, Chief 1-916-324-2826
FAX 1-916-327-5027
Michael Loretta, Assistant Chief 1-916-324-2826
FAX 1-916-327-5027
Northern Area
Tina Morin, No. Area Administrator 1-916-324-2684
FAX 1-916-327-5027
Southern Area
Marzo Sacasa, So. Area Administrator 1-562-466-1622
FAX 1-562-466-1624

Collections Support Bureau

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Gina Fong, Branch Administrator 1-916-309-5651
FAX 1-916-327-0615

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Cerritos Office (AA)
12750 Center Court Drive South, Suite 400
Cerritos, CA 90703-8594
General Information 1-562-356-1102
FAX 1-562-402-8503
Dina M. Hay, Administrator 1-562-356-1109
Manuel Henriquez, Audit Principal 1-562-356-1113
Tanja Stoner, Compliance Principal 1-562-356-1112
John Bouldin, Compliance Principal 1-562-356-1110
Culver City Office (AS)
5901 Green Valley Circle, Suite 200
Culver City, CA 90230-6948
PO Box 3652
Culver City, CA 90231-3652
General Information 1-213-712-1210
FAX 1-310-342-1061
Vickie Vassiliou, Administrator 1-213-712-1084
Albert Lai, Audit Principal 1-213-712-1049
Eduardo Villegas, Compliance Principal 1-213-712-1166
Glendale Office (AC)
505 North Brand Boulevard, Suite 700
Glendale, CA 91203-3946
General Information 1-818-543-4900
FAX 1-818-551-2946
Vacant, Administrator    
Silva Saghbazarian, Audit Principal 1-818-543-5414
Paolo Maniego, Compliance Principal 1-818-543-4910
Michelle Creencia, Compliance Principal 1-818-543-4978
Fresno Office (DF)
8050 North Palm Avenue, Suite 205
Fresno, CA 93711-5510
General Information 1-559-440-5330
FAX 1-559-440-5503
Barbara Wilson, Administrator 1-559-446-6907
Adrian Juarez, Audit Principal 1-559-446-6902
Elda Velazquez, Compliance Principal 1-559-446-6932
Bakersfield Office (DFB)
1800 30th Street, Suite 380
Bakersfield, CA 93301-1922
General Information 1-661-395-2880
FAX 1-661-395-2588
Irvine Office (EA)
16715 Von Karman Ave., Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92606-2444
General Information 1-949-440-3473  
Angela M. Lealuga, Administrator 1-949-224-4800
Crystal Guzman, Audit Principal 1-949-224-4821
Francine Pham, Compliance Principal 1-949-224-4814
Oakland Office (CH)
1515 Clay Street, Suite 303
Oakland, CA 94612-1432
General Information 1-510-906-1604
FAX 1-510-622-4175
Sheri Checchi, Administrator 1-510-906-1490
Scott Mittan, Audit Principal 1-510-906-1493
Cinnamon Tolan, Compliance Principal 1-510-906-1610
Riverside Office (EH)
3737 Main Street, Suite 1000
Riverside, CA 92501-3395
General Information 1-951-680-6400
FAX 1-951-680-6426
Brent Calhoun, Administrator 1-951-880-2065
Michelle Miller, Audit Principal 1-951-880-2098
Onitsha Marville, Compliance Principal 1-951-880-0556
Rancho Mirage Office (EHC)
35-900 Bob Hope Drive, Suite 280
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270-1768
General Information 1-760-770-4828
FAX 1-760-770-6876
Kathleen O'Rourke, Office Supervisor 1-760-776-3126
Sacramento Office (KH)
3321 Power Inn Road, Suite 210
Sacramento, CA 95826-3889
General Information 1-916-227-6700  
Jeremiah Oakden, Administrator 1-916-309-8781
David Hofer, Audit Principal 1-916-309-8771
Jay Bolds, Compliance Principal 1-916-309-8780
Redding Office (KHM)
2881 Churn Creek Road, Suite B
Redding, CA 96002-1146
PO Box 492529
Redding, CA 96049-2529
General Information 1-530-224-4729  
Merlene Gora, Office Supervisor 1-530-395-5882
Santa Clarita Office (SO)
25360 Magic Mountain Parkway, Suite 330
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
General Information 1-661-222-6000
FAX 1-661-286-1383
Stephanie Gonzalez, Administrator 1-661-222-6091
Virginia Galang, Audit Principal 1-805-856-3906
Elvia Padilla, Compliance Principal 1-805-856-3919
San Diego Office (FH)
15015 Avenue of Science, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92128
General Information 1-858-385-4700
FAX 1-858-675-4100
Linda Luna, Administrator 1-858-385-4800
Jeremy Keller, Audit Principal 1-858-385-4814
Rebecca Valdez, Compliance Principal 1-858-385-4803
El Centro Office (FHA)*
EDD Office
1550 West Main Street
El Centro, CA 92243
PO Box 197
El Centro, CA 92244-2832
General Information 1-760-352-3431
FAX 1-760-352-8149
San Francisco Office (BH)
General Information 1-415-356-6600
FAX 1-415-356-6762
Helen Karkazis, Administrator 1-650-502-1601
Bing "Jenny" Yee , Audit Principal 1-650-502-1603
Jacquiline Rockwell, Compliance Principal 1-650-502-1614
San Jose Office (GH)
250 South Second Street
San Jose, CA 95113-2706
General Information 1-408-277-1231
FAX 1-408-277-8262
Veronica Santillanes, Administrator 1-408-938-7751
Chu Hwang, Audit Principal 1-408-938-7799
Carmen Rubio, Compliance Principal 1-408-938-7737
Salinas Office (GHC)
950 E. Blanco Road Suite 202
Salinas, CA 93901
General Information 1-831-754-4500
FAX 1-831-755-7921
Santa Rosa Office (JH)
50 D Street, Room 230
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-4771
General Information 1-707-890-6267
FAX 1-707-576-2113
James Goan, Administrator 1-707-890-6232
Alice Hug, Audit Principal 1-707-890-6237
Suzanne Crutison, Compliance Principal 1-707-862-3510
Fairfield Office (JHF)
2480 Hilborn Road, Suite 200
Fairfield CA 94534
General Information 1-707-427-4800
FAX 1-707-427-4815
Jason Harris, Office Supervisor 1-707-862-3539
Ventura Office (AR)
4820 McGrath Street, Suite 260
Ventura, CA 93003-7778
General Information 1-805-677-2700
FAX 1-805-677-2710
Stephanie Gonzalez, Administrator 1-661-222-6091
Virginia Galang, Audit Principal 1-805-856-3906
Elvia Padilla, Compliance Principal 1-805-856-3919
West Covina Office (AP)
1521 W. Cameron Avenue, Suite 300
West Covina, CA 91790-2738
PO Box 1500
West Covina, CA 91793-1500
General Information 1-626-480-7200
FAX 1-626-480-7260
Sheila Montooth, Administrator 1-626-671-3010
Jess Salazar, Audit Principal 1-626-671-2515
William Tucker, Compliance Principal 1-626-671-2630

Contact Phone/Fax Email
Western States-Sacramento Office (OH)
3321 Power Inn Road, Suite 130
Sacramento, CA 95826-3893
General Information 1-916-227-6600
FAX 1-916-227-6641
Larry Brammer, Administrator 1-916-309-8953
Theresa Portillo, Audit Principal 1-916-309-8949
Elisa Amezcua, Compliance Principal 1-916-309-8955
Chicago Office (OHA)
120 N. LaSalle Street, Suite1500
Chicago, IL 60602-2412
General Information 1-312-201-5300
FAX 1-312-782-7280
Joseph Lehnert, Audit Principal 1-312-201-3207
New York Office (OHB)
485 Lexington Avenue, Suite 400
New York, NY 10017
General Information 1-212-697-4680
FAX 1-212-697-5146
John Feeley, Audit Principal 1-212-551-4444
FAX 1-212-697-4774
Houston Office (OHC)
1415 Louisiana Street, Suite 1500
Houston, TX 77002-7471
General Information 1-713-739-3900
FAX 1-713-739-9027
Theresa Portillo, Audit Principal 1-916-309-8949

Building Information

Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. by appointment only, Monday through Friday excluding state holidays. Call your nearest office to make an appointment.

* Office is temporarily closed.